The MistakeMature

It’s been a long year

Turn the tricks on your back
any gentlemen callers will lack
the emotions you so desire
But through your grace I tire
It’s the problems I have rejected
but nonetheless expected

This is nothing new to me
I said I loved you, but you couldn’t see
all the drama we couldn’t avoid
yet it was my emotions that were toyed
Was it my undoing that I love too much?
when all I ever needed was your touch

But it’s all behind us now

Or so I wanted to believe
the bullshit you’d conceive
to turn over a new leaf
and ignore the tears that were beneath
the pedestal you loved before
I told you I loved you more

You say it’s a victimless crime
but it’ll unearth itself in time
Did even occur to you I was lost
You took the chance no matter the cost
Maybe it all ended way too soon
Maybe I should have stayed home that afternoon

But I don’t want to regret a thing

I was wrong to have let myself
become so vulnerable
You were right all along because
it was insurmountable
Will this haunt you until the day you die?
it would have been so much better if you
had just tried

The End

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