The misjudge religion

This poem is about the western worlds view of the islamic world post 9/11 hope u enjoy.

This here is my Deen ," My way of LIFE" Islam is my religion and this fabric is my thobe , but it all belonges to Allah subbna wa tawallh Don't judge this intire religion and belife system off the cruel acts of a few, Cause for their actions I will NOT aplogize , but for my behavior and ignorance I will say I'am sorry . I'am sorry for the times I would embarrass Islam rather than enbraceing Islam. But you see I'am not perfect because, it's not the muslim that's perfect rather it is the deen and religion that is flawless But I myself am full of flaws and filth so........ When I'am felling lost and homeless , sick and aloness to the masjid is where I run cause that is where home is. It is hospitial for the sick a home for the homeless and a friend is always there for the friendless you to me I have a ummah that is full of love and a God who is full of forgivness and because of my belife I'am sorry for the acts of me but as for the 9/11 extreamist Astaghfirullah! May Allah have mercie and 4giveness.

The End

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