The midnight mind

There is nothing in the intricate design of the eye that tells us how we are able not only to 

see the world, but to look back upon it.

Is there a magical element, yet unknown, somewhere deep in the vitreous humor, 

or hidden within the optic nerve that burns with the purpose to seek out beauty in the world?

To capture it in our gaze, to own it for a rich moment or two?

Is there some electrical impulse within this blinking vessel,

that projects our delight upon the object of our affection?

We know we love, and yet, how can this be so? It does not exist anywhere in our anatomy.

We know that we would risk everything for that enduring answer, seen radiating from another's eyes.

And yet, how can we grasp it and hold it tight, this invisible thread?

Where, in the gray matter and electrical streams and storms of our mind, lies our imagination?

A game of telephone, from neuron to neuron, sends the fleeting thought

that behind our closet door, there may be another world,

where a nautilus is king, and great whales swim the cosmos, feeding on the tails of comets.

But only for a moment, do we think, maybe.

Then we open the solid door, and what we believe,

because we must,

shows us the simple fact of a tidy linen closet.

We believe it. Because we must.

For there is nothing in our marvelous jellyfish of a brain that tells us that the world can be


and everything

we want it to be.

And with that, the World

and all the other worlds,

here, there, and in between, smile at us,

the fleeting shimmer of light in an endless sea.  

The End

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