The Middle ManMature

A poem, or maybe lyrics (i'm not good at poetry, so i'm not expecting it to be good) about something.

Might be finished, might not, i don't really know...

Have you ever been the middle man

The glue that holds in place

The fractures of all those around:

To stop a fall from grace.

And all your friends, they think it's fine:

That you can just keep fighting on

Their sticks and stones won't break your bones

You'll just keep going 'til the dawn

But you can't

Cope with it

You sometimes wish you could

Just take a rest from all the shit

And run off to the woods

For seven days,

Or maybe more

In exile from your life

The tumult and the stress it brings

Just adds more to your strife.


So you go back into the fray

Things have broken out once more

But you know that this is your calling

A purpose you are fated for.

The End

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