The Miainsibiazida

Found this 'poem' from when I was in Year Two, learning about acrostics. To avoid losing a copy of it, I'm putting it online, especially as it's mad...
(Whilst reading, imagine an orange teardrop with a smiley face and brown stalk-ears and you'll have an approximation of my drawing!)

My creature lives on the English plains,
It eats the rain,
And it moves like fruit;
It is very cute.
Now it can splish, splosh, splash,
Sometimes it will crash.
It has hair like two stalks,
But it cannot walk,
It is orange like a prune,
And it comes out with the moon.
"Zabber zabber zoo," is how is goes -
It doesn't even have a nose!
Drinks the rainbow,
And sleeps in the day, though.

by Angel

[Yay for absurd forced rhymes!]

The End

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