The Mechanics of Flight

Inspired by the song "talking bird" by Death Cab. Just a fun little something.

It's been a while since you've seen the sun

and you're tired- I know it

            [I can see it in your pupils, in your irises]

you're wild still, a feral thing.

And you're parroting my words

             Turning them into

                  mangled, twisted parodies

but what you mean is,

where is the door?

                 And what you mean is,

Where is the wind? 

And how can I find that again, that

swooping and screaming and soaring

                  [but darling, there's no door; can't you swoop and soar with me?]

And the walls are down, and

         the wind is singing, and

               please, go [please don't go]

Just take me with you

                                          I can be feral, too.

The End

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