The Me GenerationMature

You call us the Me Generation,

But when 1 in 12 of us have written our

goodbye letters in English class

and planned the trajectory of the bullet in biology class,

and we have to watch our best friends

come to school with pink scars on their wrists,

hoping that they never go too far,

and drug dealers lurk behind every corner

waiting for someone to say yes, and

rapists ignore our “No’s” while hiding

behind “boys will boys” and

“Well what was she wearing?”

and when 1 in 5 of us girls will

have a crime scene between our legs,

and we can’t wear shorts or drink alcohol

or we’re asking for it

and we can’t make love to our boyfriends

without worrying about dying from a disease

or being deemed a slut from someone

who doesn’t even know our last name,

and 1 in 7 of us will be ruthlessly bullied in school,

but have to hear “But these are the best days of your life!”

and 11% of us won’t even graduate high school,

and even those who do may never find a job

and we have the same brain activity as psych-ward

patients from the 50’s, but we can’t ask for help,

because we’ll be accused of seeking attention,

but you still call us the Me Generation,

even though we obviously do not have a choice

but to be worried about ourselves in this corrupt society

that we were born into and

consider normal.


The End

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