The mirror showed a plague so deep

So rich and yet so foul,

That eye could not bear to look

For who would willingly, gaze upon the black

And so gaze into it and see


For no one sees, they only look

And when they look, they behold my plague

And turn their noses up at me

And so I sought to hide my pain

And the black became grey.



Anon, smiles upon me and nods to Columbus

There is no savage here, for I am paler now

Yet I, I am not visited by fortune

Or smiled upon by luck

I feel Anancy must have ‘stole’ it away

Yet again I am grey!


I too have long flowing hair!

Made by suffering with burning flesh

And I speakth well

Am I not one of you?



I will have death’s blue eyes too

I will have suffered, but I too will be pale

And I too will stain pink and burn with the coming sun

Living where daffodils and roses grow,

For I too will lose my stain!



For the Moment,

I am grey and I am in this time

I am melancholy

And Happiness laughs not with me

I am but one word

~Monochrome ~

The End

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