The Man Whose Wife Didn’t Talk to Him

This time I decided not to be original and make up a poem as I always did, so I based my poem on a good joke that I heard.


Nervously he left the house

Looking for place to relax in.

"The nearby bar is the place for me

To drink, laugh, play, and calm"

He thought to himself

And turned the steering wheel to left.

"Give me please a large vodka glass"

He told the bartender.

"A large vodka glass?"

The bartender wondered.

"Yes", the man answered. "I'm very nervous now"

 "What happened?" the barman asked.

"My wife and I quarreled, and she told me that she won't talk to me for a month"

The man answered.

"Oh, that's great! I'm wondering why you're feeling like that…a month of quiet…

If only my wife would decide such a smart decision" the bartender mumbled.

"Yes, the problem is that this month ends tomorrow"

The man said sadly and sipped a long sip from the large vodka glass.


The End

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