The Man Who Never Loved.

Silver sparkles in a dusted stream,
Innocent, angelic as it seems,
Underneath, an evil down below,
An evil bigger than you'll ever know.

The one thats deep inside your head,
It whispers secrets of the dead,
And as you weep it laughs inside,
For now you know you cannot hide,
From all the lies you tried to sell,
Your life is just a carousell,
It never stops, it keeps repeating,
Your life goal, you failed in meeting.

Silver sparkles filled her eyes,
As she confessed to all her lies,
The fear she had was all she knew,
And all the strife you put her through,
She had been holy all her life,
Untill she saw a twisted knife,
"What is the point?" She had to ask,
"I'm tired of wearing this old mask,
All my life I've not been true,
Now here's what god has made me do."

So now you go an rest your head,
Picture her face, hollow, dead,
Love once sparkled in those eyes,
Now tainted ghosts are all that shines.
You dragged her to your carousell,
Now you've condemed her to your hell,
I hope that you can sleep tonight,
Knowing her eyes will never be bright,
It should have been your bitter fate,
But you are twisted with your hate.

Silver sparkles in a dried up stream,
No more shimmers, no more gleams,
Her body was found in the water,
Her parents came and saw their daughter,
They blamed god, they don't know why,
She had to choose such suicide.

So now you go and rest in your bed,
And block out her screaming in your head,
You tire of this carousell,
As you are trapped inside your cell,
You haven't learnt how to feel emotion,
But those sparkles showed her devotion.

The End

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