The Man Who Left Us

You know, I'm never going to forgive him. And just because we're related by blood doesn't mean i owe him anything. I will never owe that man anything under this sun.

Oh dear Paul,

Left my grandmother 

With five children

Under her roof to raise.


Left my mother

With no father,

Only able to get an education

Where she did because of my

Great-grandmother Helen.


Left my great-grandmother

Looking down from Heaven,

Where she surely resided,

With disapproval, only

The money she made with hard work

To support her daughter and grandchildren.


Left my sister

Wary about her family,

Always thinking that they're going

To abandon her

And her next generation.


Left my brother

Calling him 'Uncle Paul'

Trying to establish a connection

Where there was none,

From the man who never gave 

So much as a phone call, a card on Christmas.


Left me

Bitter, unforgiving

To the 'Paul' who gave up

On me, my family,

Who i will never call 'grandfather'.

The End

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