The man inside the bubble.

For all of us inside the bubble and all of us outside it.

Inside the silken walls,
Deaf to the world's calls,
Is a person as tangible as you and me
Far from our reach as he might be.

Airborne; so far from the ground,
In his flight, he is so bound
That he might belong to another world,
Like new leaves: before they are unfurled.

Blinded by the shifting magnificence of colour,
His vision is but a blur to our well defined view,
We perceive his sight to be duller;
To our eyes are oceans, to his isn't even dew.

He sees nothing except within an arm's reach,
He understands not one point of what we preach,
Yet perhaps if he came out, he would be,
Just as relatable as you and me.

The End

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