The Magician With Oblong Eyes

A tribute to one of my favorite animals.

A custodian from endless depths
Needs insatiable
Thoughts unreadable
Illusions and phantasms
Broadcast on flesh
A dialect not made for the mammalian

So much vibrancy for something that sees
In monochrome

So much control for something
Boneless, drifting

Out of my element
I watch you navigate
The prisonic blue wastes
In a sinuous dance of color and coil

A strange embrace
You leave bold red circles
As a marker of your curiosity
And shimmer like a mirage
Before fading like a fever

If you reach out to me, will I be dragged
Away to the birthing place of abyssal otherworlds
Where only the cruel survive?

Or will we float peacefully
Through nebulae of bioluminescence
And listen to the sonic songs of whales
And just for a moment forget
That all must end?

Collect me in your cloak and we'll wait
For the fathoms to subside
For the tide to abscond with empty shells
And hidden prey
Who know your ways so hideously well

If I reach out to you, will you accept my warmth
Or ready your beak, distill your venom
And bite?

Or will you slink into your cave
As we did when the wounds were infected
And there was no answer from the gods
We wanted so badly to be there?

Replace blue with black
Blind your enemies and slip away
Drown and confuse
Decorate and celebrate
Envelope and fabricate
It doesn't matter,
For the feeble creatures
Who interrupt your rumination
Will perish like supernovae
Like you.

Here then there
Siphon out meaning
Through legions of terror and teeth
Taste the fear that permeates the water
Extend your arms and take them
Leave thousands of cold little kisses
As you ready them for their final excursion
And sip greedily at the goblet of life

Mesmerize with gorgeous lies
That play across your haunted skin
A magician performing for his life
Arms spread wide like unfurling banners
Oblong eyes set wide and soft
Calculating and still and frigid
Yet hot with the will to exist

You burn more briefly than I
Eat, breed, die.
But your light is precious
Your colors godlike while they last.

The End

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