The Magic Box (read summary)

This is a version of the REAL The Magic Box poem that I did in class, so no copyright intended :-)

I will put in my box,

The creamy texture of ice cream on my tongue,

 The sizzling heat of an Asian summers day,

The excited purr of a new-born kitten.

I will put in my box,

The moment when a babies eyes first open

The smell of melted chocolate,

The beat of an angels wings.

I will put in my box,

 A twin dimension and golden stars,

A faerie with a cone on it's head,

And a unicorn with fluttering wings.

My box is fashioned from the clouds in the sky,

With suns on the lid and smiles in the corners.

It's edged with the Sand-Man's grit.

I shall write in my box,

Of what has been and what there is going to be,

Of all my hopes and dreams,

Waiting to come true.

The End

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