The Magazine

My poem for art....

Here I am

Sat on the street

Wondering why

I'm not the elite.

People go past

In fancy cars

Some drop their money

Into one of my jars.

I've found a magazine

Laying on the road

I pick it up

Not that it means a load.

I look at the cover

Then start to thumb through it

There are pictures in there

That make me astonished!

There's an X-Box360

And an iPod Touch

Even a big screen TV

That costs so much!

There's a big leather sofa

A designer dining room

A comfortable bed

That I could sleep in until noon!

I want all these things

But I can't have them

It's now I'll admit it -

I'm a homeless man.

All these things I'd love

Especially the bed

But all I really want

Is a roof over my head...

The End

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