The Love That Never Was

My love was like a fragile material,
I threw it out into the ocean of hopes and dreams.

It sank down to the bottom,
And a storm of giving up washed it away.

But then as an emotion so sickly sweet came,
Arriving on a boat of love at first sight.

My love floated back to the surface,
By the bubbles of laughter and smiles.

I wrung my heart out to show my feelings,
Down until the last drop of misery had dried.

All you did was betray me,
Grief's cold tears darkened my fabric.

I threw my love back into the ocean,
Into tides of fury and gloom.

I lost my love in the blood sea,
And you were engulfed by my storm of rage.

I stared into your eyes for a moment,
A wave of forgiveness wailed through.

In that moment my love rose to the surface,
Bearing scars of what it wasn't.

I threw it back into the ocean of lost hopes and shattered dreams.
The love that never was.

The End

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