I'm in the mood for self-abandonment -

for abandoning myself to you.

Like chocolate you make everything better;

you're an echo of my inner self-comforter.


¬Pull me into your aura, 

and envelop me with the bliss you created,  

Into your warmth and softness, 

by the invisible rope that's between us.  

¬Let's honour this moment by 

sharing - watch a sunset 

or stargaze wond'ringly;

¬this moment is ours.

Write your name on my skin if you like, 

though it's already signed deep in my heart -

inside, not on,

for depths are more intense than

surface passion. 

¬It's a crime, but sometimes I'm doubtful...

In pictured joy, am I there for you?

Is this truly the bond known as love?

I feel like a taste of self-abandonment

but only if your heart will rescue me.  

The End

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