The Romantic

I live in a dream-filled world;

I wander, I wonder, I hope through the fear.

The subject most inspiring

and hope-filled and thought-provoking

is the pride of the happy heart -

the phenomenon  of love.


I delight in the daydreams,

the rainbow-feel scenes:

the beauty, the longing,

sheer feeling which transcends

one’s appearance and enters the stratosphere

where our dreams reside

before playing in our minds.


I walk among Nature’s soothing features,

paint a picture in colour to impose

on the world, then the fantasy

becomes a semi-reality, like a living dream.

Lovely montages roll out in my head -

the daydreams of hope -

and play like the scenes of a film.


To me love is a magic,

profound and emotive,

like music and art -

explosions in the heart

which increase the spectrum of Emotion.


Be they sunlit or moonlit or twilit,

few things are more precious

than the creations of the yearning mind.

In me, they reflect

the desire to connect -

to share, to entwine

till I’m beautifully inextricable

from the thief who steals my heart;

I dream of love to last a lifetime.


If I could choose one thing,

decide something for my life,

my enamour-ment would be the climax:

the superlative event,

the most heart-breaking experience

as my heart found its partner.

My impatience is my great flaw,

but the love I want will forgive me,

and make all the pain worthwhile.

I am the Romantic,

and one in love with love. 

The End

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