Your Effect

There are times when I could smile -

just at the thought of being yours.

And if you see, or smile right back, I

positively beam.


With you, the sun is always out - the skies

are always blue;

birds are always singing - yes,

all because of you.

Places grand await us -

theatres, seaside towns.

Sometimes, though, the world of

us is

fun like nothing else.


At times when I’m imaginative, our lives

are movie scenes. Sometimes

the feelings that you bring

are nothing credible.


The starlit oceans of your love

have cast a rainbow in my sky.

Moonlit gold and sunlit silver shine

like you and I.


You and I are beautiful,

as wondrous caverns vast and deep,

as rising mountains great and tall,

as pretty meadows wide and green -

ah, and we’ll ever be.

The End

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