Jumping in Puddles

A great song is Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós. I found out that the song title is the Icelandic word for 'jumping into puddles'. The idea inspired this poem :D


Bright red wellington boots,

that rainbow umbrella

you bought me for my birthday,

sky blue anorak -

I'm all set,

are you?


We dash into the pouring rain;

it welcomes us in


The joys of love are not unknown

to this otherwise sorry

world. Yet let us not dwell

on bleak despair -

there's fun to be had!


The giantest puddle

you ever did see!



... three!




The water sparkles as it

fountains upwards;

the light cracks

into purer colours;

you squeeze my hand

and we beam radiantly.


Look! There's another one!

We run to it, laughing:

children in our

untainted happiness.

Your face is like birthday cake,

like teddy bears, like magic.



was the impact

we had on this Earth

when it learnt

of our brilliant connection.


even before that

was the shout

as our lives collided

and I became yours

and you became mine.


is that sound -

that, oh, blissful sound

of amusement,

of pleasure,

of delight!


I twirl in your arms -

a playful young fairy;

we sway as we travel

down mystical paths;

the night may descend

but spirits are soaring;

again it starts raining

and I jump in a puddle.

The End

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