Today we're going to build a sandcastle.

I'm the sand, you're the water,

for you keep me together and

where you touch

you change me.


We put ourselves in a bucket -

the mould of the castle,

the mould of this relationship -

then put ourselves on the beach

for all the world to see.


We draw a moat around the fort;

this castle's ours

and none should dare

disturb our quiet.

We're gazing out across the sea:



and togetherly content.

Do we care for outside life?

Not in our castle,

not when I rest

in the warmth of your arms.


The sun is beating down on our roof,

the skies are clear,

the world is bright.

As nothing tries to break our peace,

I sigh, carefree.

I lie in you,

you lie in me.


Do you recall when we found

love's castle?

How great an adventure that was!

Her walls were strong,

and close, and


her floor was marble,


her staircase led to


Heaven's door;

her curtains kept out

others, who

could only spoil

the dream.


Now we are our own castle,

both laid out

so the other can see

the joy, the depth

of sentiments grand;

we'll stand

up, fight

those tidal waves,

and if we fall,

we'll still be one;


and the memory shan't fade.

Today we have built

a sandcastle,

A sandcastle for us.

The End

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