Pale Blue Eyes

loosely based on the character of Ross Eagle

I see you standing,

still as stone,

golden afternoon light illuminating

your soft, fine hair,

your tall, lean figure;

it glints as it hits your

pale blue eyes.


Your brow is furrowed,

it always is -

you think so deeply

your mind falls through your head.

You turn your gaze

upon my face

and I fall too.


And when you're near,

the air vibrates,

though all else stills -

as if in fright,

but what produces fear

in intensity?

I anticipate

your next, thrilling move.


Your face skims close:

you're teasing me.

You withdraw, stepping back

with a laugh in your eyes;

I frown a bit,

pull your body near,

kiss you instead.


Now you're gazing out,

yet not focusing:

you pay no heed

to the river teal

as it flows on past -

no, you're paused in time

and I watch in silence.


 Back with a blink,

you turn to me,

smile at me, so lovingly.

You take my hand

and you hold me tight.

You'll stand guard I know

throughout every night.


And now we walk,

to a warmer world,

to a land of dreams

in the setting sun.

I see you standing,

still as stone,

light glints as it hits your

pale blue eyes.

The End

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