The Song

I stand,

before you,

in a satin violet gown - you frown;

but I'm brave

and I ignore my quivering mind.


Your hand,

so warm,

floats softly to my side  - I cried

when I dreamed

this transpired.


Please wait!

for my heart.

It is shaking through my bones - its tones

are confused

but your velvet voice is clear.


We step,

like a cat

and we're just about to pounce - when an ounce

of my dread

makes me slide.


"Let's dance,"

you insist,

and I'd love to comply - but my!

Is that the time?

I try to run away.


I slip,

crashing down,

but you catch me, laugh, and whoa!; far too slow,

we fall

to the floor.


I rest,

in your smile,

your aura all around me - surround me,

sweet blossoms -

your orchard smells divine!


And now,

you kiss me.

It's everything I wanted.

Who's singing

this song

in my mind?

The End

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