Lying here

Lying here: we're

concentrations of pulsating


visible light:

the colours of the sunset;

and mystic like sunrise.



We shine like stars;

we're silent as houses but

loud as fireworks. Light sings

in and around us,

filling us while cloaking us.


Sighing contentedly,

we release our souls and

float in caeruleus;

we soar like eagles

yet fall like snow.

The skies are our realm.



Do I know the word? Do I know

my life, do I know

the world? In our land

we are frozen, captured by love yet

moving and dancing at an alarming




Who could have fathomed

the uselessness of words,

the shallowness of poetry,

the ignorance of Mind?

How dare I, still, say

lying here,

we're two halves of the same heart?

The End

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