The Love I Wanted

Nothing like a kick in the teeth to remind me of my bad luck
I count on it every day because I have nothing else to believe in
My blood runs cold at the thought that I have been so blind
but if everything worked out, I’d have nothing to write about

I don’t mind if you love or hate me just don’t pretend to like me
I count on nothing because I’d rather not be disappointed
I’ll give in if I had something to give up but alas
it’s too enjoyable to sit back and watch my life unwind

But why
kick me when I am down?
But why
expect anything of me
when I am not bound
by the love I wanted
that you cast aside

Being civil is so easy when you ignore the agony rise inside
such a triumph is easily a reason to collapse into self deprecation
I’m not comfortable to be so polite with you anymore
but it’s a comedy to see what could have been

The End

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