The Lost SoulsMature

Where have the missing children gone?
We know some have run away
While others were stolen from their Mother’s arms
or torn from fields of play

Some kids are on the run, from abuse or for fun,
but find life’s too tough on the streets
Many find their way home, but others still roam,
wind up homeless, turning tricks for treats

Runaways aside, we must open our eyes,
for everyday more children are taken;
And whisked away to pay a tragic toll,
their special lives forsaken

Some are found in shallow graves,
in tattered rags of darkened brown
The horror etched into their tiny faces...
their bodies pulled from tainted ground

Some are found raped and couldn’t escape
and died in obvious pain
But most are never accounted for,
their sweet little lives in vain

So blessed are the families who know the truth,
‘cause the ones that don’t must pray
They ask God every night, to be the guiding light
for the lost souls to find their way

The End

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