The Lost

Who am I to be,
Wish someone would tell me.
Where should I go?
Which of the paths do I follow?

Member of the Lost.
Whole populations are tossed.
Beckon home your love.
Washing the stains off with your blood.

What have I to show?
What little knowledge I know.
Where is the innocence?
I started with only vigilance.

Household reeks of war,
Blood and tears and nothing more.
She’s hiding under her bed.
He threw a chair right at her head. 

Screaming from the room,
Another psyche sent to its doom.
Told him I don’t care.
Backhanded right down the stairs.

Hit my head too hard.
Easy just ain’t in the cards.
Don’t care the cost.
I don’t want to stay forever lost.

The End

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