The Longing Tigress

Connecting to my vulnerabilities

The longing tigress

I feel the panic creeping up
Ever so slightly as a hunting tigress emerges from the bamboo forest

I see movement in the tall golden grass, swaying, she is noticed
Lurking slowly not to be exposed, just yet

I hear the crackling of dry leaves crushing under the pressure of her careful steps
Giving her away through the under tone of classing song.

I'm aware of her peaking from behind a tree
Unsure but patiently observing me as I become one with the sun, the heat, the moment

I gather my scattered thoughts in the stillness of the field as she approaches from my left in complete silence
Her claws gleaming, teeth dripping, eyes fixed

I know she feels just as scared as I do
Turning around I meet her hungry eyes
With arms open wide sinking into the tall dancing grass

I vanish below the earths surface looking at her searching for me
A sadness fills me as my soul connects to her longing

And our eyes meet again...

The End

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