The Long and Winding M6

Written during the 6 hour car journey from Cambridge to back home in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

The mother, who is pissed off, sits and stares,

To the husband she gives a nasty glare.

Waiting, waiting - this may not seem much to you,

But have you seen the size of that bloody queue?!


She holds the handle with an intense strain;

Her blood pressure could power the Mains.

F'ing and blinding the journey through,

Such behaviour could be seen in a zoo.


I am entrapped within this metal cell;

If this is not purgatory then it is hell.

"Stop moaning and keep your trap shut!"

No more will I say or you will kick my butt.


I may gouge my eyes out with this Parker pen -

If we do not get back by, at least, 10pm.

The End

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