The Lonely Tree

Another poem

Look at me I am just a sad and lonely tree

There is nothing in this field – only me

(Only me… lonely me)

No leaves left on my branches to mask my fears

Feels like I’ve been naked and exposed for a hundred years

When I was young I was on the verge of something good

But it’s impossible to see the trees when you’re the wood

Can’t make a fresh start because of these well-established roots

Held back for so long by my lack of summer fruits

Stood here in all weathers completely alone

No one to cut me open and see how much I’ve grown

Peeling bark and broken branches scattered on the floor

All my friends left me standing here to be so much more

Lightning; come and strike me down please

Don’t want to live with this rotten disease

Even the birds don’t want me for their nest

This is how it feels to be over the hill and past your best

The sky changes colour to reflect my mood as I stare blankly into space

Getting darker and darker like the thoughts written on my expressionless face

The barren ground is sapping my strength every day

Getting taller but weaker as every season passes away

Involuntary swaying in high winds and gentle breeze

Night and day I stand alone and groan and wheeze

Seen a million anonymous people speeding past

They briefly look over but turn away to forget me just as fast

I’ve been a shelter to many but soon they all desert me

Ask myself if they come along just to abuse me and hurt me

With the name of two lovers carved upon my chest

I know I’m going to end up just like all the rest

I’ve seen fresh hope squeezed out of those that swing

Brought down by the troubles that real life can bring

The End

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