The Lonely Heart

  • Baby I don't know what is happening,
  • I'm here alone grieving.
  • My life is in pieces,
  • Scattered like ashes across the land.
  • What happened to all my friends?


  • I miss everyone who I thought I knew,
  • Now I search for the reasons.
  • Reasons for ever caring,
  • Reasons for ever protecting.
  • Reasons for ever believing I meant anything!


  • Baby I know now that I ain't welcome,
  • I'm glad to be alone.
  • My life will slowly rebuild,
  • Grow like a dream of the night.
  • Who cares what happened to my friends?


  • When my life falls again,
  • I'll end the pain.
  • I'll take a knife and end my life,
  • No-one will care that I'm gone.
  • I will be forgotten like a bad dream!


  • Baby I know how much pain I can take,
  • I'm nearing the max now.
  • My life is too hard for me,
  • Tearing me apart like a tiger.
  • Couldn't care less about friends!
The End

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