The Lonely Campfires, the Distant Stars

the story of our existential place in the vastness

Here and there, smoky stars are scattered,

stars caught within the tangle of mountain pine,

the campfires made by souls like me,

to warm away the chill, to hold at bay the night,

Oh, I would be so all alone, if your distant fires were not also mine.


I do not know you, the soul who tends his distant fire,

I know not your name, I know not your voice, your face,

Yet we must kindred spirits,

sharing these mountains, these stars, these trees,

finding life in this very lonely place.


The embers of your fire, must glow red like mine,

the ash that rises from your fire, must be charred and grey,

And my fire is surely in your sight,

a distant star, a distant friend, a distant life,

and it is such, for it is of our human way.


We have always found comfort in distant stars,

that shine in the vast unknown with kindly light.

Celestial campfires in celestial dark,

For we could never bear to be alone,

so I tend my campfire in this massive night.





The End

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