The Loneliest Man In The World

A fairytale story of an unwelcome wish..

Have you heard the story

Of the man who wished to be left alone?

If not then listen, for I shall tell,

But I warn you now -

It does not end well.

This man he found a lamp;

In the lamp he found a note;

On the note he read

"Out for tea - make one wish

And make it well!"

Well indeed! The man he thought,

And closed his eyes and wished.

He wished to be alone, to need nothing else

And noone else

To live.

That's a foolish wish! He thought, but then

He vanished, no chance to wish again.

The Genie (for it was his lamp

And his note the man had read

And said) took the man's little house

From his little town, with its nosy neighbours,

Peeping Toms,

Prying eyes,

Gossip tongues,

And placed it in a magic circle only yards away,

It was so dark in that circle one could not see

Light of day.

The man was happy with his lot - he pottered,

Prattled, practiced and pensified

Till his eyes were red and his fingers shaking...

His best friend was the cuckoo clock,

He daren't trust the kettle and

The toaster and the teapot

Were definitley plotting something!

One day the spell broke, but

Noone knew why.

Only a bunch of the boldest and bravest

Dared to venture into that invisible, amazing,

Magical, mysterious circle.

They found him fully dressed,

Hat, coat, scarves, shoes,

Lying dead in the bath tub.

I don't suppose we'll find out why.

Perhaps if we asked the cuckoo clock.

The End

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