The Lone Wolf's Road 7

Leonardo had spread death all over kingdom lands,

his empire murderous with blood-splashed hands.

He said over his paths of devastation,

''Here I come to usher in a new nation.''.


He moved his legions to the North,

and Leonardo swept his wrath onwards and forth.

He said, ''A new day shall dawn,

all of these kingdoms I'll make them gone.


In my coming I shall cast upon days of fire,

my ruling flag against the skies of sapphire.

These days are coming with ruin and death,

ruin and death to every living breath.''.


After his cruel slayings of the Jaguar kings,

he continued on to kill all other living things.

''If there shall be any who defy my majesty,

I shall bring their souls such a bloody travesty.


Now I shall make all of life defy the Spirit,

and in vengeance I shall have no limit.

Bare my howl to set all free,

I shall set you free, me, and only me.''.


Leonardo's hate had grown so high,

his spared ones could only care to lay and die.

I saw this wolf's paths of devastation,

to take us into his wicked incarceration.


He advanced into a course to kill his foes,

the fearful kingdoms readying and lifting their bows.

Xavier the falcon leader had made his kingdom ready,

and others had driven their aim and steady.


Leonardo was the most notorious fear those days,

I had come to a blinding anger towards His ways.

I thought how broken my friend must have felt,

how I had not come to that and dealt.

The End

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