The Lone Wolf's Road 5

At the highest peak of the cold steep mountain,

I had come unto vast snow that the Spirit should brighten.

The Spirit had guided me after Leonardo,

shinning at directions and making the paths to his kingdom aglow.


After three days, I had discovered the kingdom of his mighty darkness,

I said, ''Oh Leonardo why had you turned so heartless?

So desperate for revenge and with a bloodthirsty will,

you had turned from good with distraught eyes to kill.''.


I came upon his highness, alone and raging, and met his powerful presence,

he said, ''Who comes bravely and exposes themself to my powerful essence?

Why do you come and meet my omnipotent force,

he who came along my fearful kingdom's course?''.


I said, ''It is I, Leonardo, your one true friend,

I, who alone, staggered upon the kingdom I had to journey and ascend.

I, dear Leonardo, who alone was your true one,

to come and revert you from what evil you have done!''.


He spoke unto me in his dark mighty cloak,

surrounded by a fearful darkness of agonizing evil like living smoke.

''You were truely dear and faithful to me,

but to witness my legion you dared not to see.


You, my true one, have failed me good,

for I knew, of you, for the good of my legion, in the fighting you could.

To lead along me and usher in my power,

to avenge against the Spirit who took from me my most beautiful flower!''.


I said, ''Please cast away the evil in you, Leonardo, for your own good,

toss away the evil shroud of your ever-dark hood.

I see evil in your eyes, burning fiercly with hate,

I know what evil you have in mind for this world to create.''.


He spoke like thunder and said, ''I have no evil thought for this world,'',

and he approached me steadily and surrounded me and taunted me.

''for what I dream for this world is a change for the best,

and I shall let no one come and bring to me my arrest!


You see, friend, I have a plan,

a plan to make myself the highest ruler over all, as much as I can.

I could step fourth myself in history,

all of my legion agree with with me.


Oh how I had wished to gain power over all of life,

I shall bring forth my legion to inflict this world as a knife.

And those kingdom's of Earth, those Lion rulers,

shall see how we are the mightiest of duelers!''.


He crept about me surrounding me in his cloudy spirit,

and the fire in his eyes came into upheavel.

Leonardo said, ''Behold the power of mine,

oh how I will bring about my eyes upon all to shine!''.


He swept his darkness about me and swallowed my presence with it,

and I saw his fiery anger and the flaming eyes that were wickedly lit.

The living shadows of his evil engulfed the world from my eyes,

he said, ''Alas, here is the place where everything dies.''


Leonardo crept around and surrounded me,

I saw the steady creeping of his amber eyes but his shape I could not see.

He bared the vision of a horrid sight,

''This is the future under my immortal might.''.


It was beyond imagination,

beyond my only explaination.

I saw the fortold vision of the future,

it was death and and infernal chaos as I could picture.


He said, ''These are how things will be made under my rule,

and I shall make it come and make the Spirit my mortal fool.

I who shall deceive all of creation,

shall bring up my dream into its bloodthirsty manifestation.


Hear my cry, oh friend, my word shall not be forsaken,

hear me, I shall not be mistaken!''.

He roared like thunder and casted his shroud away,

the darkness about died and came to me the light of day.


He whent quickly over his throne,

as fast as the kingdom trumpets were blown.

He said over the broad darkness of his black coat,

''Come my armies, and under me we shall cut throat!


Arrise to my thundrous plea,

bloodied throat under paws we shall bare to see!

Arrise my legion ahead I see victory,

the world anew and under the power me!''


His shouts of thunders reached sea to hill,

and his risen army followed with jaws to kill.

The voice of his legions came aloud,

''Oh grant us, dear lord, immortality under thy shroud!''.


His armies were wolves of mere hundreds,

and Leonardo's mightiest bore blades on their foreheads.

He said, ''Come you brother wolves, steeds, griffins and dragon men,

join me and see who shall be raising empires then!''.


He swept upon me and said, ''I will go now for my beloved quest,

to begin anew and to harden my noble chest.

For my chest is tough in the power of my command,

and, hear my howl, forever mighty I shall stand!''


He fled away instantly and left me alone,

to begin his voyage for his worldwide throne.

He took his legions into eastern war,

a war against everything that he used to adore.





















The End

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