The Lone Wolf's Road 4

Leonardo had now grown young and proud,

yet it was hidden in the midst of his darkly shroud.

But Leonardo was only dark of his black-shinning coat,

until a thought of his I had come to note.


''Oh with the power I wish I could vanish evils,

with a power I could seize such unrighteous upheavels.''

Leonardo was angered by the evils of others,

and was destined to serve his five godess mothers.


One day was the tragic day,

Leonardo would soon come to greatly betray.

His companion mate had struck her death,

a test of the Spirit in taking Leonardo's beloved friend's breath.


Leonardo came and saw what had been done,

''Oh my beloved friend why had the Spirit fataly begun.

I who came to cherrish you and the Spirit,

the mercyful Spirit who reached at me to visit.


Why do you curse me so,'',

I heard of his heartstriken billow.

''Why do you try me like this,

you who brought me such loving bliss.


Now she is gone,

dead because you, oh Spirit, brought her death upon.

Testing me while I am true and loving,

now hate and anguish I am baring.


Hear my cry you heads of heaven,

the flesh of creation I'll destroy and ashen.

I will betray you Spirit as you have betrayed me,

I will bare my wrath for you to see.


I will make it be seen my distraught wrath,

I, Leonardo, death and destruction throughout my path.

To bare what evil foolishness you, Spirit, had done,

out of your evil test a war has begun.''


So Leonardo, in his dark-shinning coat, waged war in his anguish,

a new evil that would rise to floursish.

I heard his deathly calls along the mountains,

I saw the fearful goings of the falcons.


I knew Leonardo was coming my way,

and saw him driving fourth thunderous clamours along the bay.

I told him, ''Leonardo, my friend, tame thy anger,

your rage is of a fiery amber.''.


He said, ''Hear me, my friend, I will wage them war,

the death of my lover they will pay for.

If it should be the last thing I'll come to do,

to murder this world and bring it anew!''.


I told him, ''Please no, Leonardo, the Spirit is good.'',

''No,'', he said, ''if only you would.

If only you would feel my soul's heavy agony,

you will understand to feel gravely for me!''.


He urged me to align with his legion,

vowed to cause against the world and the creation of the Spirit a fatal lesion.

I said, ''No, Leonardo, I cannot join you in your wicked strife,

I only wish you could understand life.''.


''So be it,'', he said, ''wish to be lower than I,

but I say to thee, my old friend, all the spawn of the Spirit shall die.''.

This was the day my faithful friend was made evil against everything living,

my old friend was no more faithful in his eyes dreaming.








The End

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