The Lone Wolf's Road 3

It was at one day,

one day he remembered to say.

''Come oh Spirit I'll obay,

my only friend if you may.


I tred with no soul to my side,

no one to be my spirited guide.

Yet Spirit you are my ultimate pride,

oh bare my sorrowing plight.''


He hides from those others of their evil ways,

so he turned upon the Spirit with eyes to raise.

''How could I become with them,

if their eyes will always condemn.''


Although, how Leonardo could, the others could not see,

how real it seemed that they were never free.

Leonardo was free and only different,

and he ran and fled to his heart's content.


He needed no one but the Spirit,

the Spirit who in his love had no limit.

Leonardo crossed alone,

yet he love the Spirit to the bone.


Then the Spirit came over him in such glory,

and casted upon Leonardo his voice so holy.

''Leonardo you are in such a hidden pain,

a deepened light I shall unchain.


You seek no one but me, I see,

for no other love but me, you plea.

Alas I come in flesh and word,

in the thunders I made and in them I clamored!''


The Spirit bore his heart to Leonardo,

and the Love of his heart was with a halo.

''See, Leonardo, my heart is great,

my heart of Love is your destiny's gate.


Go, Leonardo, with my heart in yours,

go and do like he who soars.''

The young Leonardo saw the loving majesty of the Spirit,

and saw his glorious face at the star's summit.


The lone wolf saw the glory of the Spirit's face,

and he saw the face of a white wolf full of grace.

''Now, oh young Leonardo, you see how I am,

the face of mine, from those wicked, I'll damn.


See, oh wolf, how I am like you,

how I placed my likeness, for you, unto.''

The Spirit took upon Leonardo with eyes so blue,

dear Leonardo was only with a dark hue.


''Take upon yourself, oh Leonardo,

that you bare over a black coat with flow.

Yet I, the enchanting Spirit, bares the purest of fur,

do not shutter away the beauty of your black coat in which, with it, you suffered.''


He spirited Leonardo back to the forest,

''Oh how glorious is the Spirit.

oh I gift you, Spirit, my soul to keep,

forever, with me.''












The End

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