The Lone Wolf's Road

The wolf Leonardo struggles in a world when he is only and alone, in a place where others are blinded by lie and and sin.

Not one knows his glorious wonders,

the one who calls the trembling thunders.

The water gives him all his life,

although, in it he strifes.


Oh how he keeps himself alone,

''This is me, myself, my own.''.

He evades out of others' sight,

yet his heart is made of righteous might.


His spirit is broken into two,

no one is ever fondly true.

He cannot go and rush like free,

for he cannot dearly see.


''What is true and what is not,

oh mighty stars my spirit shall rot.

From the heavens the Spirit knows,

I am bitten by all the crows.''


And how great was the wolf's hate,

the Spirit sent him a beautiful mate.

A companion eternal as the night,

two majesties of the Moon's delight.


''My troubles are now casted away,

as I wished in life to come one day.

A beauty of nature has come to me,

with a spirit so strong, togeather we'll flee.


Finaly, filled with wisdom in her eyes,

she was strong and very wise.

I am paired with the Spirit and her,

how nature beautified such creatures in fur.''


His lusterous ways had gone and vanished,

a magical soul he came to cherrish.

With a companion like no other,

peace and completion from his lover.


Behold, he the young lone one was without a tear,

the sorrow of seclusion and a fear.

Watch him race in a graceful manner,

and without a harm from the heaviest hammer.


''Now love is my only true will,

and, to it, no one shall try to kill.

I am free, without a plaguing concern,

my spirit, not anyone or evil shall discern.''


In the world he was lost,

life with a cost.

How he differed from all,

a loner of a loud call.


A mere castaway and stranger,

but wondered uniquely from nature.

As children of the Spirit, they were,

they became with the heavenly stars, for sure.

The End

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