The Locket You Gave Me


I tell myself that every day around the same time.
Wanting to feel as free as the wind as it flies by
The orange burnt chime.

I open the gate
And walk inside
To a battle soaked life I have to hide.

I close my eye's,
Approach the door
To the sound of his angry and vicious roar.

I think I am safe, I think I am fine,
But as I count to ten,
It's only a matter of time.

Maybe the demon in this house
Might spare me today.
Maybe it's only wishes my life would go another way.

You were suppose to be here for my protection.
I remember the night I curled up and cried,
It was the very night you left and died.

Tears soak my lashes,
But I won't let you see,
The brutal effects his ways are having on me.

So as I respond to the bitter call of my name.
The tension and pain cripples my hand to a fist.
I walk to my destiny,

The locket you gave me, tied tightly around my wrist.

The End

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