The Idea of Choice

An adventure poem.
This is a re-imagining of a concept I've put up here before. Each page of this poem is to be an exploration of an idea. At the end of each poem, the author asks the reader to choose between two new ideas. These should be related to the one that the author wrote about, and to each other. The succeding author than explores one of those ideas and repeats the process. Feel free to participate.
The Line 2.0

I once walked, mistakenly
Into the flame of a book
A book so great, it found my own
A book so great, the sound alone
Upon the terrifying fame it shook
Where it talked, amazingly

And then i discarded everything I knew/
Threw out this notion of made up rules and regulations and more/
For who cares for borders? who cares for you?/
May be I?/

Did you do your work, did you make your life seem great?
Did his words make you feel awfully tall by mistake?
Did the man in Amsterdam and his little child,
His little child make you scream and yell and below your grounds?

How much is there to say? How much can you really do? How much is there to experience? How much can you really decide?

The End

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