The Light

I slipped into darkness

ever so long ago

deep in the depths of a long lasting despair


but as the sun begins to rise

I can see the light

and as the sun begins to rise

I see a reason to let go


to be free

to feel the freedom rain onto every inch of my body

cause as we sat around and muddled in the deep sadness

it was hard to see the cause of it all


but  as the sun begins to rise

and I am finally able to open my eyes

the glory of the world comes crashing down

the future in life i have finally found


for the cause was in front of us

and we knew it on the inside

deep on the inside


the cause was ourselves

we were lost


whether our paths may differ

or they may cease to connect

at least we have found the precious fire

that lights our life

and warms our heart

The End

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