The Life's Forum Generation

Take a guess what it's about.

Slap your fists on keyboards, smiling children. Tell me all your thoughts! 

You've always won your trophies. You can be anything you want, but mostly narcissistic. It's always been about you.  

If a tree falls and no one's around, does it make a sound? 

Does it make a sound regardless?

A lightning crash in apathetic fields won't burn a single patch of grass! 

Your emotions flying forth like morning stars are dulled by myriad voices insistent on teaching your sky a lesson. Everyone's a winner! 

A meteor shower of self-serving chemical reactions to fears of failure and the look your parents gave you.

But it's all okay. We've got a plastic box of circuits to express our poetic justice and fabricated stories of redemption. The tree will make a sound and the world will hear it! 

But what the tree doesn't know is that the world only has ears for the sound of its own leaves swaying in the wind.  

The End

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