The Life of a Reader

I have roamed with the Romans

And fought with the Greeks

Danced like an Egyptian

And built with the Chinese

I have walked the halls of castles

And paced the paths not traveled on

I have swam deep into the ocean

And heard the mythical mermaids' song

I have talked with Cleopatra

And conversed with the knights of the round table

Discussed science with Einstein

About the truths hidden inside a fable

I have been a drug-addict, a Queen

A soldier and a doctor

A child and a mother

And a thief and a copper

I have seen the corners of the world

And traveled in between

I have traveled through the ages

And seen what has not been

I own the life of a reader

And it's quite the task

I will read until I decide

Which breath will be my last

And this poem 

That I'm writing

Will be the story of me

And it will be here forever

For other readers to read

The End

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