An anthlogy about the darker things...



 My breath hisses and snorts, like a horse about to be whipped

My eyes wide and unflinching


Why can’t I move?

Are my legs broken?

I dare not even say the word paralyzed



Menace is the silence

Reveals a light tapping

Becoming violently alive

The beating and the throbbing rises

This crescendo is my heart

There’s the sound and then there’s the echo’s overlapping

If it drops…

If it drops…

When the pounding decrescendos…

When my heart stops thrashing I will know this is real


I-I can’t close my eyes and blink it all away

My body hold’s me hostage

I stare at the side of his boot

All I see is filth

His voice reverberates through the carpet fibers

He is the poison

I am the vessel

He looms over me, never casting a shadow

But his kind never does

He hisses “Have you ever heard of Asterosum?”

Then he cackles “I suppose you know all about it

first-hand now?”




He slides his hand over the sole of my foot

I feel the tickle all too well

My feet can’t crinkle and pull away

His nails scratch the top of my foot

And poking at the veins

It’s like foreplay to him

Awaiting the moment of penetration

Blood a welcome wetness

The smooth transition into the void

And just like every other man he won’t hold me

Hold me as I slip away

The End

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