The Lemon Tree

In a deep dark cave
In the middle of the wood
There was no light save,
For a small patch, where a Lemon Tree stood.

Onwards and Upwards it grew
Thrusting it's branches into the sky
Until along came a young man who
Looked sneaky and sly

"Miss Lemon Tree, your forgiveness I implore,"
He said with the raise of an eye and a wink
"For I have disturbed you for nothing more,
Than a proposal I hope will make you think"

"I am listening," said the tree
Still young in it's years
"Speak to me,
Tell me something that pleases my ears."

"Oh Lemon Tree, thou art wise
And thine bark is bold
Your branches touch the skies,
And my family is cold.

Could though giveth me just one?
Just one branch is all I ask,
So that I may see my son,
Sit beside a fire, and in your warmth bask."

Now the Lemon Tree was silent for a while,
Until a branch came crashing down,
"Thou must promise me," she said with a smile,
"For every branch thou takest, a Lemon Seed placeth underground"

And so Man did agree
Reached up and took a seed
From the kind, warm Lemon Tree
And never thought once of greed.

For Generations this agreement stood
Until the Family became a town
And Lemon Trees grew in the wood
While Man cast their seed upon the ground

And so, seeing the people in unity,
The Lemon Tree decided to sleep,
For she was tired, old and weary
And Man had a whole forest to keep.

For thousands of years she slumbered
While Man did not bat an eye
And the world's secrets they did plunder
And the Lemon Trees began to die

She awoke to find herself alone, Alone above a sea of rocks
While Man drowned the trees inside the stone
And lost the keys to nature's locks

Man had cut the trees with steel and fire
Thrown the Lemon seeds away
Succumbed to greed, gluttony and desire
And left the world to decay

"Why hast though forsaken me?"
The Lemon Tree did cry
"Plant my seeds, I beg of thee
Or I will surely die."

But Man had his ears full of metal
And ignored the poor Lemon Tree
Nothing grew, naught but a nettle
While Man forgot to plant the seed

And the Lemon Tree looked on
As frontiers shifted like desert sands
And all the trees were almost gone
While Man washed his bloodied hands

Then came a war, to end them all
Fought with fire, steel, and the strength of Man
Out of bodies, Man built a wall
And fought, hand to hand

"Forward!" he cried
From the rear
And the front ranks died
Staining the sky so clear

And the Generals sat, and cut up the map
As the boys in the field died
And the Lemon Tree wept a river of sap
As a bullet struck her in the side

And on that last morn of that black December
Wave after wave of demented avenger
Charged the ranks, the Generals remember
How Hope glowed, like a dying ember.

It was dark all around
And no one survived
There was frost on the ground
They were all left behind

And the Generals gave thanks
Through bitter fast-falling tears
To their dying ranks, as they held back the tanks
And the Lemon Trees hopes, disappeared

With a howling noise
Came a steel breeze
That cut up the boys
And ended, The Old Lemon Tree

In her last minutes, she looked at Man
And couldn't help but crying
This was the end of their short span
Most of them dead, and the rest of them dying.

And the General gave up his guns
As the trees soul was freed
He mourned for his sons
Reached down, and planted a tiny Lemon Seed

The End

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