The Legacy of Rome and London

This was inspired by the film Batman Begins, where the League of Shadows tries to destroy Gotham in order to start again.

This is about starting again from the ashes of tragedy, for example the Great Fire of London

The hot plains of a forgotten province

The dust and grime of a warlord's city

The broken poor, the tribal war that ensues

History shows us Kabul, Dafur and Mogadishu

Failed places are we, but destroyed by you

In darkened corners of the world

A saintly evil stirs in the gloom

A new world order, cogs set in motion

The broken, corrupt, failed nations' doom

Here we stand faceless,

Untraceable, undetectable

Formed from the legacies of Rome and London

A darkness sitrs from our souls dungeon

We will rise and topple what is already falling

We cannot save the world, the truth is dawning

We shall cleanse this place of all that has been done

And only then can the wars of this world be won

Purge the faceless powers, weaken the foundations

A holy fire, A Godlike devastation

Here comes the Reaper, He comes to collect them

Heaven shall know their faces, Heaven shall except them

The End

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