The Leaf

It's a poem about a leaf. Or is it?

I watched a leaf today,
one whose emerald virtue
had long since faded,
and left in its stead
a bronzed fellow,
fringed with gold
and freckled with vermilion-
I watched this leaf
as it drifted slowly downward,
borne on Autumn’s gentle wind
And as I watched this solitary leaf,
while it was tossed and tussled about,
carried ever so gently through the air
until it perched precariously
on the edge of tomorrow,
I saw that it was very much alone.
and in my soul,
I’m sure I heard a solemn rhapsody,
a melancholy reverie...
loneliness is a dark hole,
and scarce are those
who e’er escape.

The End

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