Heartbreak is evident,

I can see it clearly in you,

I know it’s not what you meant,

But I don’t know if what you say is true.

~ ~

I am what you thought didn’t belong:

The memories you threw away.

The times when everyone was wrong.

The words I never had the chance to say.

~ ~

I am the girl over there, eyes cast down:

The one who regrets her whole life.

The one who is cursed with a frown.

The one who, for you, dealt with so much strife.

~ ~

I am a shoulder, only needed in sorrow:

The Invisible hiding in the corner.

The scared little child fearing tomorrow.

The weary waiting for the mourner.

~ ~

Go ahead, search through that dusty room.

You’ll find me, faced with that damned heartbreak,

The one you will no doubt forget about soon.

I’m that little girl you put at stake.

The End

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