the night is darkest

before the dawn

before the sun creeps up

fence-post shadows on the lawn


before the morning swallow

belts its victory tune

and the rich little children

eat their cereal with silver spoons


before the scragglers of the street

sway and wobble home

their children's mouths empty

their children's stomachs moan


before the women working the street corners

go home to a house at the bottom of the hill

each night they go and sell themselves

and declare each morning they've had their fill


before the men in suits take the metro

to raise their pay and cut the poor's

from sea to shining sea

on the cold and hungry shores


before the people raise their flag

up the pole to honor all the same

blindly, they raise her proudly

she should be a source of shame


but the darkest point of endless night

is just before the sun spills into the sky

so please sun stay down this day

and nothing will be raised high

The End

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