The Last Dance

this is about my best friend...keegan if you read this... i love you!!! your the best person i know!! and you've never lied to me!! thx!!!

The last dance was my first of none, the feeling that life had just begun, when in fact it was done.

The last dance played my favorite song, the song they will sing to for years after i'm gone.

The last dance is the dance I will dance, the dance that all nature will remember.

The last dance is my first, and my last dance was the best of only one.

The last dance will be slow, mellow, and clear, with happy words and joyful tunes.

The last dance will be shared with someone special, and that my favorite person...whoelse in the world other than my twin. We will laugh, make fun of ourselves, and do some weird things... but we will never part... until the last dance.

The End

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